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Notes on self-hosting essential apps

September 14, 2016

11 minute read

These notes contain a relatively simple guide to set-up a fresh Ubuntu server and self-host a number of (what I consider) essential apps.

Mutt 1.7.0 on El Capitan

August 21, 2016

less than 1 minute read

This is an update to my one year old post about mutt and OS X. On August 2016, a new version of mutt was released. This version includes the sidebar patch an...

1Password on Linux

February 22, 2015

2 minute read

Lately, my long-lasting love for Apple products has been fading. I ditched my iPhone 6+ for a OnePlus One and I relegated my MBP to mostly photo-editing task...

Vim configuration for happy Java coding

October 04, 2013

9 minute read

During the last couple of years, I gradually moved to Vim for editing text and writing code. It’s not an easy journey: Vim requires dedication and it’s sheer...